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Types of Mushroom

White Mushroom
The wonderful white mushroom takes centre stage in supermarkets up and down the land. Its snow white colour is caused by being grown in the dark. The white mushroom comes in four sizes – button, closed cup, open cup and flat Interestingly, the size of the cup continues to grow even after the mushroom is picked. Wow!

Brown Mushroom
The brown mushroom is seriously flavoursome whether raw or lightly cooked. Similarly to white mushrooms, it comes in two sizes, closed cup or ‘Chestnut’, and the slightly larger ‘mini Portobello’.

Portobello Mushroom
The portobello mushroom is a chestnut mushroom that has been allowed to grow to full maturity. What you’re left with is a dense meaty texture and deep, deep mushroomy flavours. By removing the stalk, stuffing and baking, you have a hearty filling mushroom meal. Mmmm…

Oyster Mushroom
The selfless oyster is happy to accompany lots of ingredients, particularly in a stir-fry. Pastas and risottos work particularly well with oyster mushrooms. This most delicate of the mushroom family comes in many colours – brown, grey, pink and yellow. And its name comes from its resemblance to an oyster shell: wide and fan-shaped.

Shiitake Mushroom
Sensational in sauces, soups and stir fries, the shiitake is originally from Japan. It works beautifully in so much oriental cooking, eliciting its distinct flavour all around. the firm cap and brown meaty flesh are what gives this mushroom its taste.