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Posted by on Jun 2, 2011 in Northway News | 0 comments

More to Mushrooms – New Website

The Mushroom Bureau have just launched their new website – It is an exciting new website packed full of wonderfull mushrooms recipes. Make sure to log on to find out what the recipe of the day is – every day!!!!

The development of the website is part of an EU Co-financed promotion programme. The information and promotional campaign in the UK is to communicate the nutritional and culinary benefits of mushrooms to women aged 25-45 years and also to health professionals and mass caterers.

Bord Bia is the proposing agent and the mushrooms industry has contributed through the Mushroom Bureau to co fund the promotional campaign . The UK Mushroom Bureau was founded in 1993 with the remit to generically promote all fresh cultivated mushrooms sold in the UK.

The programme will spend  €2,500,000 over a 36 month period. The objectives of the programme are:-

  1. To raise awarness of the nutrional benefits of mushrooms and that they consitute one of the UK Government rcommended ‘5-a-day’ portions of fruit and vegetables.
  2. To establish a regular role for mushrooms in the UK meal repertoire
  3. To encourage more frequent consumpion of mushrooms and bring down the average age of consumers.

To achieve this a three year programme will be implemented to broaden the role of mushrooms in the UK diet by suprising consumers about the nutritional benefits of mushrooms and reinforcing their taste and versatility. This will be achieved by communicating the benefits of mushrooms to households, doctors and nutritionists and mass caterers, using avertising in women’s magazines, digital media, PR and via educational measures. Messages to be communicated are:-

  1. Eating 80g mushrooms counts as one of the UK Government’s recommended ‘5-a-day’ portions of fruit & veg.
  2. Mushrooms are a source of B-vitamins and minerals and are naturally low in calories and fat.
  3. Mushrooms are an excellent enhancing ingredient to may meals and can be eaten at any time of day.
  4. Mushrooms are something tasty and nourishing to give to the family and can inspire passion around a meal

The programme aims to increase consumption by 23,800 tonnes over the three year period while also improving awareness and understanding of the different nutritional and functional benefits of mushrooms to the defined target audience.