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Our People

Elaine Shaw – Operations Manager
Elaine joined Hughes Mushrooms in 1995 and has been responsible for the day to day running of Northway Mushrooms since its inception in 2000.  Elaine has been employed directly by Northway Mushrooms since 2004 and works closely with the marketing agent, winning new contracts for growers, ensuring that growers get the optimum return and overseeing all operational aspects of Northway Mushrooms. The PO has experienced excellent growth over the last 3 years with growers expanding using new technology coupled with improved growing and picking techniques to optimise their yield and improve quality.  Northway mushrooms are continually researching new markets to ensure that growers get the best return for their produce. Elaine has increasingly moved into this role over the last year to focus on existing sales and on finding new sales. Elaine’s knowledge and experience of over 15 years dealing with customers ranging from supermarket buyers to wholesale market traders and her detailed knowledge of the costs of the industry leaves her best placed to grow Northway’s existing customer base.

Sean McKenna – Mushroom Intake Co-ordinator
Sean joined Northway from Monaghan Mushrooms and he has an excellent knowledge of the industry, including growing and planning schedules. Sean works in the packhouse and with growers, and he is the point of contact for growers with grading queries. Sean’s role has become increasingly important to be able to match grower’s produce to the correct customer specification. It is a very demanding role with over 30 different product lines, orders not confirmed by customers until the morning of dispatch coupled with matching these orders to growers quality each and every day.