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About Northway

About Northway Mushrooms

We are a producer organisation representing 27 mushroom growers, marketing 17,500 tonnes of mushrooms each year.  Established in 2000 the Northway Mushrooms story paints a clear picture of the benefits of farmers working together.

We support our members to make the most of their own businesses, with a focus on quality, cost reduction and stability of supply.  Through that work we are improving the quality of the product grown for our customers and ensuring prices remain competitive.  This collaborative approach delivers benefits at every stage of the supply chain.

  • We are helping our members become more responsive to market demand while improving product quality with activities such as formal production planning to anticipate supply, specialist picking training and plant health support.
  • We are helping our members reduce production costs and become more environmentally sustainable by supporting conversion from oil to energy efficient boilers and capital investment support for environmentally friendly investments.
  • We are helping our members through product and packaging innovation and design, taking the lead on developing innovative new approaches to packaging and storage.
  • We are helping our members become stronger, more successful businesses by offering business support tailored for the specific demands and requirements of the horticulture sector, such as Health & Safety, employment law and business planning.

When they buy through Northway our customers are supporting many local economics, buying from small family farms producing top quality mushrooms grown in an ethical and sustainable way.  They benefit from the passion and commitment of small growers but with all the support, infrastructure and assurances that a larger organisation can provide.

Together we are growing a stronger mushroom industry for the benefit of our growers and our customers.